Bury Me In Diamonds and Tattoo This Colour On My Lips.

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We all have areas in the makeup department that we like more than others and lip products has never been that area for me. I have quite small lips, definitely no Kylie Jenner over here! So lip products have never excited me too much until I discovered this little gem on a Revlon 3 for 2 whim at boots.

Putting stuff on my lips apart from my trusty Burt's Bees Peppermint Lip Balm has never been a constant part of my makeup routine. Don't get me wrong every now and then I fancy popping on a little bit of MAC's Modesty  (my ride and die and only nude) or a little Ruby Woo  if I'm feeling extra fancy but now if it is neither of those it is most definitely the Revlon 'Berry Smoothie' Lip Butter 

This product has honestly become the biggest lip game changer for me. It goes with basically every look (apart from a red/coppery smokey eye, that's not too cute but you do you) because of all it's undertones. It's pink, yet berry-like but not too colourful that I can't surpass it as an everyday nude in my eyes. It's sheer and incredibly moisturising formula (it actually moisturises and softens my lips, hallelujah!) just makes it such a joy to wear cause I pretty much forget it's there unlike with other glossy kind of lip products which drive me mad.

It honestly is just about the only thing I'm wearing on my lips these days even on a no-makeup day just to bring some colour to my face (but not too much) and some much needed moisture to my occasionally sand paper lips. So I'm very glad that day in which I was browsing the Revlon stand in Piccadilly Circus' Boots there was a 3 for 2 because I'm not sure I would have made that tiny extra stretch as I had already picked up my long-time favourite foundation Revlon Colourstay and Revlon 'Sultry' Matte Balm which I'm still unsure about, I'm still just unsure I dig the whole dark nude business but who knows. 

All I have left to say I guess is the biggest thanks to the wonderful Lily Pebbles for mentioning it in her Top 5 Nude Lipsticks video as I probably wouldn't have given it a second glance otherwise.

Easily influenced much?

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