A Buttery Neutral Palette That Doesn't Break The Bank

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I've been talking about this little gem enough on this blog and now I'm finally reviewing it. Woohoo! 

So, let's be honest... I'm not short of neutral palettes but I can't pass up a bargain as pretty as the Zoeva Cocoa Blend Palette. Although the only part of Zoeva's range I could ever rave about were their brushes, this will now also follow along nicely in my recommendations for the brand.

Colours such as Subtle Blend (top 2nd from the right), Pure Ganache and Substitute for Love (Two bottom left shades) are the standard crowd pleasers; a warm brown to throw into the crease and some shimmer shades to pair it with on the lid. Other than those, some of my favourites are Bitter Start (top 1st from the left) as it's just about the best brow bone highlight I've come across, Freshly Toasted (Bottom 3rd) since I've been lacking an almost red brown colour in my collection and Delicate Acidity (Bottom right) as those taupey purple shades are brilliant for us brown eyed girls. 

Now although the formula of these aren't up there with Urban Decay shadows (seriously how do they do it? they're shadows are just so buttery) they are amazing for what you pay. They're smooth, crazily pigmented and offer next-to-no fall out. I know, that all sounds like a dream but with the purse friendly price tag of £15, there has to be a con. 

The packaging of this product is very flimsy. I have a bunch of palettes which are cardboard with a magnetic closure and none of them are half as willing to be a pain to open and close as this one. As you may be able to see, I managed to dig my nail in one of the shades there as since the lid is so thin, it's a bit of pain to open sometimes and so I managed to scoop out some shadow. I mean, I like them but not enough to have it under my nail.

Also, not gonna lie I was quite disappointed to find that although this is a 'Cocoa Blend' palette, it smells nothing like chocolate *sigh* high expectations much? I guess I might have to look to Too Faced for that one..

So if you love a good neutral palette (welcome!), can't afford to splurge on one of the Naked palettes and are looking into getting one to start out with then check it out! You'll definitely get a bang for your buck.

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