The Sunday Post: Surprises From Myself

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I swear I'm turning 100 instead of 21 next year cause can you believe I can't really remember much of my week? Oh well, I'll give it a shot!

If I remember correctly, we headed off back to London this week for the day. We had a bit of spare money and thought, why not? A bit of shopping and museum fun because believe it or not, I've lived in London for the better part of 2 years and I haven't been to not one museum. Weird.

Speaking of shopping, it's that dreaded time of the year where I have to do bikini shopping. Blegh. I find this to be such a chore because being a young woman, just like a lot of you out there, I look at myself in a bikini and go meh/bleh but it's a necessity. I'm heading back home to Gibraltar at the end of the month and only have one other bikini to my name.

Despite that, I'm super excited to get home soon and see my friends and family. Much to my surprise (as I pride myself on being quite independent) after almost 5 months of not seeing my family, I really do miss them quite a lot. I miss just being around the house with my parents, going to the beach with them, spending time with my sister and her boyfriend and most of all, seeing my dog everyday (shoutout to my little munchkin Bella). So it will be so good to have 2 solid weeks spending time with the people I love. Luckily enough though, I'll be seeing my parents soon as they're coming down to Folkestone next week for a couple of days!

For their sake, I hope the weather stays in tact as it may not be 30 degrees but it's a nice 23-25 and the days are warm and breezy. Just yesterday, I was up at the cricket club watching my boyfriend play (which I've come to enjoy...what?) and just look at that clear, blue sky! I surprisingly enough actually tanned quite a bit so that means I wont be showing up at home too milky white. With the weather being so lovely, we also had a barbecue down at the beach hut last night which was pretty delicious.

Although I'm enjoying the sun, I'm dreaming of Stockholm. Crisp 'n' cold Stockholm city. It's next on my list of places to travel. I'm already looking at flights and AirBnBs for a little long weekend getaway even though my boyfriend suggests we put our money aside and save...I just can't resist.

There's not really any new makeup cravings or loves at the moment but one thing I am loving is The Shawshank Redemption. on earth did I not watch this earlier? It's an incredible movie and ever since seeing it once this week, it's already open again on Popcorn Time to watch later this evening. 

Until the next sunday one,



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