The Sunday Post: A Couple Of Weeks Of Inspo

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Definitely missed a week of this but let's ignore that as per usual. If you're not familiar with my blog, I try to do a sunday post every week of a compilation of what's been going on in my week but sometimes I slip... anyways here's a round up of the past two weeks which have consisted of a lot some inspiration (not deep personal stuff though) and some unshameful haulin'...

Let's start of with the haulin' and makeup side of things. I've done a lot of shopping recently and I'm okay with that. I usually feel pretty bad spending a shit ton of money on just stuff for myself but these past 2 weeks I've gone nuts. With booking flights home out of the way, most of the rest of my money went towards much needed additions to my wardrobe and not so much needed additions to my makeup obsession collection...and it's not stopping here! 

I have one more thing I want desperately and that is the Anastasia Beverly Hills' Shadow Couture World Traveller Palette (phew, lengthy name, am I right?) It seems like a perfect neutral palette with some added pops of colour for when you're feeling adventurous. It definitely has some shadows in there that my collection lacks and so I don't feel so bad for coveting it so badly! Also after seeing this tutorial that Katy a.k.a LustreLux on youtube put up the other day based around this palette, I need it more than ever purely for Pink Champagne. Although I for some reason feel like I need this palette, I did pretty much recreate this look using my Zoeva Cocoa Blend Palette. It was just a bit of a softer look but I was alright with that. I think this look is amazing on brown eyes as that purpley colour makes them pop.

This was the look I wore to see Jimmy Carr last night, which is definitely a favourite of my entire summer. I didn't realise I found him so hilarious? He's a brilliant stand-up comedian and isn't afraid to crack some of the most offensive jokes I've ever heard. The kind that you put your hand up to your mouth to stop yourself laughing because you know, you shouldn't be laughing. My boyfriend and I were in the second row from the front and were obviously picked on, being so close in his sight. Safe to say, I went bright red and replied to some of Jimmy's simple question in the same form a babbling idiot would. This has definitely got my boyfriend and I thinking that we might take a trip or two to the Apollo.

Onto the inspiration stuff. I've been so inspired when it comes to interior decorating recently. I'm moving into a new and bigger flat sometime soon and want to change things up a bit. I've realised I'm definitely into that minimalist vibe and want everything pretty much white which accents of mint greens/pastel blue/silver. How cliche. It's the only thing my boyfriend and I can also agree on. He wants the room to resemble a union jack, I want it to look like a white/silver princess haven. So, this is the happy medium! 

I have although managed to sneak in a new mirror though which is silver, giant and just beautiful. I'm sick of doing my makeup in a little round mirror, that is then too small to do my hair in. I was looking at some in TK Maxx but they were still too small and so when I saw this bad boy when in B&Q, I snagged it immediately. I know right, B&Q for a mirror? Even the cashier told me she didn't realise they had stuff that pretty in the shop.

Speaking about pretty stuff, my Animal Kingdom Colouring Book is starting to look pretty. Yes, you heard me, a colouring book. You can imagine my excitement when I spotted a bunch of them in my local Waterstones (not so excited anymore as I've realised they're on amazon for more than half the price. Do your research first people, don't make my same mistake!) I've always loved drawing and sketching but never do it any of it anymore. I don't find it too therapeutic since I'm too obsessed with making sure it's perfect...where as with colouring in, you just gotta keep in the lines and you're pretty much guaranteed perfection of some sort. I know it sounds stupid to some but I'm enjoying myself! This is super therapeutic. I love doing this alongside watching YT videos or listening to music. Another plus is, the drawings inside them are beautiful enough on their own to just flick through and look at for some inspiration. Who knows, I might start sketching up a couple of things again...

And so until the next sunday post,



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