I'm back? Here's what you've missed.

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Well, hello might be a good place to start? Hello again! So just like anyone else who knew, maybe even read my blog thought, no! Apparently I haven't given up on this thing. I almost did and here's why.

Life. So I started my third and final year at university which is just about the scariest thing to say out loud. I can honestly remember my first week at uni like it was yesterday, which makes it mad to think it's been over 2 years since then. Anyway so being a third year English student means I am reading more than I am breathing, especially since it was time to research for my 10,000 word dissertation. With all that, I barely had time to even remember my blog existed, which is a shame but now having some time after Christmas, I'm going to try to make it one of those little new year's resolutions to keep it going.

So after a term of pretty much only having my nose stuck in books, I loved being almost work free and being with all my loved ones for a warm Christmas back home in Gibraltar. I really missed eating churros pretty much every day, seeing my dog 24/7 and just eating far too much with all my family. I'm still kind of in Christmas mode and acting like eating all the left over chocolate and what not wont make me put on the pounds...just waiting for that new year, new me shit to kick in right?

New Me?  Forget about getting fit for a while...the only thing new about me is the fact that I'm apparently a watch person now. I was lucky enough to be gifted an Olivia Burton watch by my parents which was picked out by yours truly and now I wear it every day. I feel like I've gone up by 1 on the adult scale. I also got a new necklace, which if you know me is very surprising. I've been wearing the same Crescent Moon necklace permanently for the past 3 years. I'd been saying for a while now that I wanted a new, more elegant necklace and apparently my boyfriend was listening cause that's exactly what he gifted me and it's actually beautiful and so I'm very proud of him for picking it out. It's my new favourite thing.

Speaking of Favourites. I have a couple of new favourite things and the first one would be what's in the middle of my collage and yes, it's in the middle because it's that important to my life: Grey's Anatomy. I just let out the biggest sigh because I cannot possibly sit here and convincingly write about how much you need to watch it because you probably shouldn't since it will take over your life. I'd be lying if I said the past couple of months haven't also been occupied by marathoning this TV show thanks to my flatmates. My boyfriend and I have got through 9 seasons in almost 4 months.To put it in short; it's hilarious, heart-breaking and thrilling all at the same time. I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say that it's up there with Modern Family and Friends on my list of favourite TV shows.

Along with that are a couple of other favourites that have occasionally helped me procrastinate this past term.

Youtube. Tati - I hope I look like her when I'm 33 because this lady is gorgeous. She seems to have a lot of integrity and I love that.

Caroline Hirons - What a hilarious woman. I cackle the whole way through her videos since she is so raw and honest. If you're really interested in skincare, you should also check out her blog which she is primarily known for.

Desi & Katy - I live for these two. I've even got them on snapchat because they're hilarious together and I'm in love with their dogs. Especially Zo'. Oh, not to mention they're pretty good when it comes to the whole makeup thing.

Miranda Sings - Need I say anything?

Makeup. Now this wouldn't be one of my blog posts if I didn't have a little ramble about this topic but it shouldn't be too long since having no time means less money spent on makeup...I think I'm growing here people but! I'm having a real Charlotte Tilbury moment at the minute. I got a couple of stuff of hers over Christmas and it's too beautiful not to love. I also recently bought myself the ever so popular Champagne Pop by BECCA x JACLYN HILL and it's just as beautiful as she is. Let's just say, the glow is real.

So this blog post has pretty much turned out to be a giant ramble but I feel like I needed to do this in order to really get a hold of my blog again, if you don't mind. Don't worry, there won't be many posts like this in the future apart from maybe my Sunday Posts. Other than that, I plan to post hopefully every other day but we'll see how that goes and I hope you'll join me!

Until the next post,



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