A Skin-Saving Serum

By Monday, April 27, 2015 ,

Next time anybody asks me anything about skincare I'm just gonna name-drop Ole Henriksen's Truth Serum a.k.a the orange bottles of goodness above. Why, you may ask? Because I don't think I've ever come across such an all-around, effective and lovely smelling product (and yes, that is obviously a very important feature that you must make note of). 

The minute I saw this was advertised as a free deluxe gift along signing up for a 6 month subscription for Glamour Magazine, I was on it as; 1. Glamour is my favourite guilty pleasure to read (let's pretend I didn't mention that and that I only read the finest literature, being an English student and all...) and 2. I've heard nothing but the greatest musings about this guy and desperately wanted to try it out.

It's described as being 'like a daily vitamin for your face' which I completely agree with. I feel this keeps my skin healthy (meaning a major decrease in spots, hallelujah) and glowing from the moment I pat some on in the morning, to the moment I smother on some more before I go to bed. Yes you heard me, smother. Why's that? Because it's oil free! Being an oil-free serum, I don't get that oily feeling or feel like I'm being left with a film overnight. It sinks right into my skin and makes it instantly brighter. Now don't let the oil-free scare some of you dry-skin readers out there, I've got pretty dehydrated skin and I feel like this adds a good amount of moisture before layering some moisturiser so there you go, benefits for everybody!

The description on the Ole Henriksen site says nothing about what I'm about to claim (along what others have done so in the past) but this has immensely helped my acne/spot scarring and I truly mean immensely. I had quite a bit of scarring on my cheeks which after a about 2 weeks of using this, I saw a major improvement. On that note, I believe I have the collagen booster part to thank for that *round of applause* as the more and stronger the collagen, the better!

So with all those pros, I feel like I'm obliged to provide the con...ranging from £18 to £65 (depending on how much product you're after) this stuff is expensive. I thank the heavens that I spotted that advertisement in Glamour, if not I probably still wouldn't have given this a go but now, the problem I'm left with? I'm hooked and I'm never letting go...and so I spent £18 on the tiniest bottle of this stuff because I simply cannot live without it I mean...alongside all the good stuff I mentioned above, it smells like a fruit punch, how can I not?

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