A Charity Shop Find: Pretty Honest

By Monday, May 04, 2015

For all the beauty lovers out their, even if you think you know it all, you still need to pick this up, why? Because it is simply brilliant.

Now I'm not going to lie here, when I first spotted this in a Waterstones I thought to myself: what's the point? I know what I know, I'm happy with what I know and how I do things when it comes to beauty so for £22 I thought, nah I'll leave it.

BUT let me tell you, when I spotted this in a charity shop in Richmond for £2.50 I thought, why not? what's the harm?

This book has been my go-to before bed since it's such a pleasure to read. It's a relaxing read with a lot of laughs as Sali Hughes just knows exactly what to say about everything; from ridiculously expensive and non-beneficial 'bust creams' to the power a red lip can give you in any given situation and she gets it absolutely right when it comes to us women who love a bit of beauty. 

She starts out by making the point that, no! we beauty lovers for the most part are not vain airheads (which is something I'm sure a lot of people who first meet me with a full face of makeup on come to) we are simply just interested and fascinated by what makeup and skincare is and what it can do for us... that is literally it.

Throughout the book, she continues to teach us readers about what ingredients to look out for in products, to ignore all this 'anti-ageing' shit and that yes, we have all been at that time in our life where we've worn a foundation that definitely was not our colour and far too much black eyeliner, it's a learning process! Be glad that it's over and learn from it...which I'm sure we all already have as most of us now sport more eyeliner on the tops of our eyes rather than under as that black waterline without any other makeup on, really just isn't a good look.

I'd also like to mention this would be a great book for beginners in makeup as she lets you know what little products you really need in your makeup stash and how to use it to make you look like yourself, just a tad bit better. This can prevent newbies from having that 'ah I'm overwhelmed with all this makeup and what I can do with it' moment and end up looking a bit funny and overdone. Makeup is there to highlight and emphasize our beauty, not mask it.

So care to broaden your knowledge on makeup and skincare whilst getting a few laughs out of Sali's opinions on 'cellulite zapping' creams? Then go ahead and pick this up in a local Waterstones or keep your eye out for one in a charity shop!

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