Cheap and Cheerful | Summer Edition: Nails

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Nails are definitely a part of beauty where you can save your pennies. I'm not going to lie, I've not got a massive collection of high-end nail products because 1. I'm terrible at getting round to doing my nails so it seems like a bit of a waste for myself and 2. You can find some really good nail tools and polish at your local boots and so here's my take on that.   

Nail Care/Removal Can we all agree that this is the worst part of doing your nails? It pretty much puts me off doing my nails entirely, if I'm honest and so due to that I go for the easiest option: the Bourjois Magic Nail Polish Remover. Pop your finger in and 2 seconds later, voila! You've got a clean nail, ready to buff and shape.  

Also quick tip: If you want to also remove your toenail polish then just slip a cotton pad in between the foamy parts of this bottle and it will be soaked.

To buff, smooth and all that jazz, any cheap nail block with smoothing and polishing sides will help you achieve a smooth nail ready for a base coat application. For shaping, I'm a massive fan of emery boards. I know, I know, emery boards is something your nan probably uses but it gets the job done better than any fancy crystal or foam nail file. Also you're saving your pennies as these bad boys usually come in a pack of about 10 so you're pretty much set for life. Following that I apply any clear polish to all my nails and move on to some colour.  

Nail Polish The fun part! Let the brights and pastels come out to play! Now usually I'm a straight-up coral girl (I have about 6 different shades of the colour but let's not talk about that...) and so I figured this year it might be time to step away and venture into another direction and so I've headed for more red rather than pink and picked up Essie's Meet Me At Sunset and I'm in love! It's the perfect orangey summer red and the formula is also quite incredible and makes application easy. Despite that, I still will say that this nail polish chips within a couple of days so I follow up with one of the best top coats I've found; the Maybelline Super Stay 7 Days Gel Nail Colour in Crystal Clear. This locks that colour in like superglue. Trust me, once you've got this on, you won't be seeing chipping for quite some time. I'm currently sporting this combination and so far there are no chips to be seen! 

Quickly onto the pastel side of things, I picked up the Maybelline Super Stay 7 Days Nail Polish in Sea Sky. Other than being a light and cute pastel blue, the formula and staying power is probably my favourite thing about it, as just like the top coat, this stuff may as well be superglue. It also might be worth mentioning for some of you busy girls out there that this polish can easily go without a top coat and still give you chip-free nails for about a week. Now that's definitely time-saving, isn't it? 

Buckling down on the claim I made in the title: is it cheap and cheerful? Most definitely. These all retail for under £10 each and are available in your local Boots or Superdrug, probably on for a 3 for 2 if you're lucky.   

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