Cheap and Cheerful | Summer Edition: Base

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BB creams, CC creams, there's even EE creams now, what on earth is that about? Either way, they all do the same to me. They all seem to have that light feeling but offer some sort of coverage.

I'm aware there's some amazing high-end ones out there (which I can rave about in future posts if anyone's interested) but I feel like there's a couple of special ones that you can grab in your local boots. I'm pretty happy to use the Maybelline Dream Pure BB Cream as I did through the entirety of last summer and I've heard some good things about the Garnier ones but Bourjois take on a CC cream is what's got me raving.

This CC cream isn't targeted at any particular skin type which is what instantly drew me to it. I was sick of the oily/combo formulas as I found them a bit drying and didn't keep me matte for the entire day so I thought what's the point, let's just go with this skin neutral one! Although I wont lie, I did notice it was oil-free and hoped that this would prevent me from turning into an oil-slick...

And so it does! It keeps my oil at bay, whilst also evening out my skin tone (as it actually claims to do) and offering a little bit of coverage. I definitely say it only offers a little bit of coverage as I still have to go in with concealer after to spot conceal but that's good enough for me, I mean flawless looking skin does require effort!

It doesn't claim to have any luminous properties but I find that it has that  'lit from within' look which no one can complain about. It almost has that Nars Sheer Glow complex where it just looks like you're glowing but not in an oily way and I'm more than up for it.

So if you're wanting to look into BB, CC, EE creams that the high street offers but don't even know where to begin then just first, ignore all the letters and face that it's simply going to be a light base with some sort of beneficial properties (although do take these claims lightly) and second, look for a good all rounder which is what this CC cream in particular pretty much does!

Let me know what you think about this BB, CC, EE cream fiasco and what some of your cheap and cheerful finds are!

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