The Sunday Post: Some Discoveries

By Sunday, July 19, 2015 , ,

With a whole lot of nothing to do this week I've discovered a couple of things. Not in that deep self-discovery kind of way but just about stuff in my everyday life.

Cats? I'm in love with them. I always said I wasn't a cat person and believed I didn't like them and they didn't like me and that's as far as the relationship would go. with two for the past 3 months or so in my boyfriend's house is slowly turning me into a crazy cat lady and I pick them up and stroke them at any time possible, if they're feeling affectionate that is cause they can be a little fickle. In the corner there is Mozart falling asleep in the middle of a stretch. Adorable.

On the left may look like just a picture of a bed (which effectively, it is but let's just ignore my rookie blogger photography) but I'm trying to represent that I went to a waxing salon! Now, waxing isn't a new discovery but more of a re-discovery. I waxed for about 4 years before deciding to shave because it's "easier" which didn't end up being the case for me and so I've gone back to waxing and I'm so happy I did. Do you know how liberating it feels to not have to shave every time I shower? So liberating.

So it's actually pretty sunny in the UK these days which I'm not complaining about because it means picnics up on the hills! Not much to say about them but they're enjoyable apart from when it's windy because eating salad when it's windy isn't easy.

Now this wouldn't be a Sunday Post if I wasn't eyeing up some makeup. First, I've decided I need a new nude lipstick. Now, I've been loyal to my MAC Modesty for years now but wanna change it up and when I swatched MAC Kinda Sexy in store the other day, I fell in love. Definitely high up on my want list considering I haven't changed up my nude lip in a while. Alongside that comes Zoeva's Cocoa Blend Palette which is completely unnecessary as I don't need another nudey warm toned palette seeing as I own 2 of the Urban Decay Naked ones but I just can't seem to close its tab on my laptop...

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