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By Tuesday, July 14, 2015 ,

With a pretty good amount of light bases out there today, especially in time for summer, I find myself relying on concealer more than usual.

For the hot weather, I tend to make it a point to grab a light base to even everything out and then use concealer to correct as it should (although don't get me wrong, I do love my full coverage on longer days and nights).

If there's any concealer that can correct anything, it's any MAC one. I find the Studio Finish Concealer is great for any type of correction as it packs an entirely different level of pigment. It works great specifically applied to offending blemishes and right on the bluest/purpley part under your eyes. Although saying that, don't go too crazy with it under there as it will crease because of its creamy consistency which I also unfortunately find slips and slides when things get a little hot and oily. So, in a oil-slick of a situation what is there to do? Opt for my (rather beaten up) Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer for blemishes as it does all that the MAC one does but doesn't budge and has a handy doe foot applicator. Also, did I mention it's under a fiver?

Now, I can imagine some people may be reading this, shouting at their screens 'just use your MAC Pro Longwear!' but I've got to say, I find this too drying on spots and so I prefer to use it as an under eye concealer/highlighter as its fairly thin formula sinks in and stays where it was put and also does not crease (hooray! for that anti-creasing formula, huh?). My only issue? I find it can be a bit difficult to buff in with a brush or a damp beauty blender. I have no idea why but it just takes longer than other products to work into my skin.

And so sometimes I think, why bother putting in all that effort when the LA Girl Pro Conceal does pretty much the same job? Just in cheaper and fussier packaging (boo!). It's way easier to buff in due to the slightly more creamy formula and brightens decently due to the peachy undertone (at least that I find in my shade 'natural') and so I find myself picking this one up more often. That is unless I want that serious highlight in which the MAC one does much better but you sometimes can't argue when the LA Girl concealer is just over a fiver.

So care to agree or disagree? Or based on what you've gathered from my preferences list some recommendations down below? I'm dying to try out the Urban Decay Skin so go on, somebody enable me!

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