From Where I Stand: Birkenstocks

By Thursday, July 16, 2015 , ,

Here's a picture of my weird feet on a picnic blanket...oh how summery, right?

Birkenstocks, all the rage right? Coming in by storm and zapping us all out of gladiator sandals and why? Because it is no exaggeration when someone who is lucky enough to possess a pair, strains the point that ‘they are so damn comfortable’.

Other than being quite sweet and simple, wearing these feel like wearing some form of slippers. The structure of these curves around your entire foot, making the experience of wearing them feel like a dream cause it kinda feels like they’re hugging your foot (weird but true). There’s also no faffing about when it comes to these, you just slip ‘em on and you’re ready to go.

The style most people are going for are the single or double strapped open back sandals. Both these styles are so simple and non-offensive when paired with any outfit, making them now a staple in my daily summer wardrobe.

Fairly pricey for a pair of sandals? I believe they’re worth it. I’m more than willing to buy another pair full price as I believe I wont find a pair of Arizonas, in the same place I found my current pair. Coming about my own pair was simply a gift from above. Would you believe I scored mine; the exact pair I was looking at on the Office website a week prior in TK Maxx for almost half the price?! I was so over the moon when I spotted these and grabbed a pair immediately.

Although I’ve rambled on enough about how comfortable these are, I will say running around London in them in rush hour wasn't the most pleasant of experiences due to their hard, sturdy soles. So I'd maybe recommend not doing that (I pretty much recommend never doing that, so stressful) but then again it wasn't life-threateningly painful and was durable as the pain faded away and it was then back to super-duper comfiness.

Super-duper comfiness? I sound pretty loved up with these sandals...

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