The Sunday Post: Summer Begins

By Sunday, July 12, 2015 ,

And we're back...fully aware that I missed last Sunday's Post, essentially already breaking my promise to make these posts a weekly thing but let's ignore that. I've been pretty busy moving out, doing exam resits and unpacking but with my resit done and dusted last friday, my summer can finally begin! Although, unfortunately we can't just ignore that dissertation preparation...anywhos, onto some news.

Travelling up and down to London, packing and unpacking is no fun I can assure you but it feels nice to finally have things sorted, uni wise and house wise. I had to say goodbye to my lovely (but far too expensive to keep renting) little flat that has been my home for the past year and move everything out on what was probably one of the hottest days of the year, hooray! Sad to go but excited to also have things sorted for a new flat my boyfriend and I will be renting somewhere up near Richmond. Super excited for this as I can be in Richmond as often as I please seeing as it will have the closest high-street/supermarket etc and I don't know why but I'm just pretty enamoured by the town.

I'm also pretty enamoured by my hair recently. If anyone knows me, they'll know I struggle with what I call my 'mane' as it's pretty curly and frizzy but since I got it cut and thinned recently it's looking pretty healthy! I think it's also thanking me for having it touched up again not so long after my last visit to the hairdressers. Maybe I'll try getting it trimmed every couple of months like we're advised to seeing as my hair clearly approves.

Speaking of approval, that little candle in the corner of the picture? The first candle my boyfriend is actually okay with, hooray! I think it's a boyfriend quality to just despise scented candles but this 'Black Coconut' scent is so lovely, it was bought by him for myself...shocking.

Although a lovely gift, I'm most excited for the one I ordered for myself earlier this week which is the Kendall Jenner Estee Lauder lipstick. I knew I had to have this the minute I saw it as I've been crazy searching for a red/orange lip. I know there's Lady Danger by MAC and Wild Ginger by Tom Ford but they just seem to creamy for this colour (side note: I did swatch Wild Ginger in store the other day and I'm crazy in love with the formula for other colours). I like my bold lips super matte and to stay where I put them and I've heard this lipstick does just that. Also, it's limited edition, I can't just pass that up can I?

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