Kendall Jenner x Estee Lauder: The Perfect Summer Lip

By Saturday, July 18, 2015 ,

I most definitely was not one of those people who delved into the lives of the Kardashians or had a favourite but since the launch of Kendall Jenner's Estèe Lauder red lip 'Restless', I may just do.

I've been on the hunt for the perfect orange/red lip for ages. I'm aware there's MAC's Lady Danger and Tom Ford's Wild Ginger but I'm afraid the formulas seemed to creamy for me as for a such a bold colour, I want something that wouldn't move, fade or be terribly uncomfortable.

And so when I received Restless I was like...well isn't this creamy. I was immediately a little bit disappointed as I expected it to be super matte seeing as many people were claiming it was too matte to even apply smoothly and a pain to remove. Although I definitely do not agree with this statement, it definitely has the staying power and pigment of a lipstick that would.

It's a dream honestly. The lipstick packs a massive punch with pigment as just one application does the job and shall I mention a creamy and smooth application at that but unlike you'd think, this lipstick stays on for hours. I went to dinner last night with this on my lips (and the tiniest bit of MAC'S Redd underneath) and then went out for a couple of drinks and found that 3-4 hours later, I didn't really need to touch up. The colour was still there, just the tiniest bit faded in the most inner part of my lips as like I said...I may have had a couple of drinks.

Apart from the perfect formulation, I also feel like this colour would really 'pop' on any skin tone. I'm fairly tan myself and find the warmth in it really compliments my skin but would look equally as lovely on someone who's fairer as it would be even more of a statement.

If there's anything else this lipstick has done apart from helping me find my perfect summer lip, it's enabling me to look into more Estèe Lauder matte lipsticks.

So ultimately, thank god for Kendall Jenner for this lip option and thank god I decided to splurge out on this because I definitely be gutted if I didn't and so if you're tempted to buy it, I say go for it, this is one limited edition product you don't want to miss out on!

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P.S The magnectic packaging is so satisfying.

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