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I'm back! Shout out to skincare enthusiasts, care to hear my new skincare rid-or-die's?

Philosophy's Purity Made Simple: A new love! Now apart from my trusty Ole Henrisken Truth Serum, there's really nothing in my skincare regime which has hung around for long. I'm constantly on the look out for the perfect (insert product here) but the search for the perfect makeup remover/cleanser is over since this guy made it's way into my bag in some departure lounge shopping.

I mean honestly, where to begin? Maybe at the fact that this is the only cleanser that truly removes every inch of makeup on my face. No need to go in there with a bit of micellar water after to really scrub off that mascara or eyeliner, it all melts off once you massage this into your skin. I will warn you though, it does sting your eyes a tiny bit if it gets in there but only because it's clearly made to be strong enough to get it to all come off and since it does just that, I can live with a little grief. Although powerful, it doesn't feel like it's stripping your face, rather more moisturise it, as it has a wonderful creamy texture that also smells lovely and clean.

I honestly adore this product and will buying the unnecessarily massive bottle of it with the pump next time because I want to be able to use it morning and night and even as a second cleanse.

The Body Shop's Vitamin E Overnight Serum-In-Oil: A new entry entirely. Due to my stupid pre-disposed ideas because of my oily skin, I've always been so afraid of putting oil on my face in fear that I'll wake up resembling a fried egg. These thoughts were discarded when I came to realise a couple of months ago that more than anything, my skin is dehydrated and in desperate need of moisture of any sort and so I quickly turned to the best cheapest solution to aid my test-run.

To put it simple, I don't feel like my skin will ever feel the same in the morning without putting an oil on it overnight. My skin now lacks that tight and parched feeling that it used to have, instead I wake up with a subtle glow and a lot of moisture and so I'm a massively grateful to this lovely smelling little bottle of serum-oil. 

The only trouble I have with this is that I find it takes a bit of time to work into the skin but for the price and content, it's definitely worth it. I mean, heaps of Vitamin E? I'm in! (which by the way, Vitamin E helps reduce inflammation of breakouts and work against UV rays ALTHOUGH cannot be classed as a sunscreen so please, keep piling on that SPF ladies and gents, it is so so important)

But thanks to this, I'm now definitely on board for trying more oils and am dying to get my hands on the Sunday Riley Luna Oil, no matter what the price. It sounds and looks like magic, am I right skincare junkies?

Let me know if you love these products too or if you recommend some along the same lines!

Until next time,



P.S Sorry I've been gone for so long if there's anyone out there who enjoys reading my blog. I'll be back on track as soon as I smash out this resit exam I've got tomorrow and who knows, maybe I'll be back sometime next week with a post of Estee Lauder's new lipstick with Kendall Jenner? Yes, I may have accidentally slipped and bought that this afternoon...

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